Another Gentleman Loser
Weird to be here

Decided to log in on a whim after probably over a year of not doing that. Probably won’t be on here all that much, but if you want you can follow me on Twitter @PerryRyans, where I am far more frequently.

Maybe I’ll have more links like that in the future. Links to places that I’ll be at more than I’ll be here.

Hope everyone’s been well. Y’all were/are a cool bunch and I hope everything is sound, physically, mentally, financially, ethereally.

Until next time.


How’s it going

Godspeed, my friends.

I’ll see you around.

Perry out.

I don't want you to leave!:(

I’m sorry. This sounds cheesy and melodramatic as all hell, but it’s really something I have to do.  I’ll miss you though!

Tom Waits - Tom Traubert's Blues (Four Sheets to the Wind in Cophenhagen)
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Tom Waits - Tom Traubert’s Blues (Four Sheets to the Wind in Copenhagen)

Anonymously tell me your feelings for me.

It doesn’t have to be romantic (though if you did feel that way, it’d be perfectly fine). Just how you feel in general. I get curious of people’s impressions of me.

Last licks!





What would you do if you knew you had one last day

to spend on Tumblr?

Damien Rice - The Blower's Daughter
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Damien Rice  |  The Blower’s Daughter